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G-Star RAW (commonly called G-Star) is a Dutch designer clothing company, founded by Jos van Tilburg in Amsterdam in 1989, which produces high-quality clothing. Models for the brand include Liv Tyler, Mathias Ranegie, Girls' Generation, World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, Clémence Poésy, and musician Sergio Pizzorno. It was showcased at the New York Fashion Week from 2008 to 2011.

A disappointed customer shares his experience on productreview.com.au, "A few short years ago you could buy high-quality G-Star Raw jeans. Now they all have this incredibly cheap feel and fit to them. They are so thin it's like wearing a newspaper wrapped around your legs. So cold in winter. Every design of their jeans have the same silly narrow leg opening and most of the jeans now seem to be a lot slimmer/skinnies without much thought on design as previous years. They are almost 'too fashionable' and for a near $200 price tag per pair, you'd think the quality would be top-notch. If you like thin raggy cheap-feeling jeans then G-Star Raw's are the one for you."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at G-Star Raw full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Subversion of HR by current and past leadership heads, zero accountability for poor optics that had seriously negative implications for employees of color at Corporate and Retail levels, and a lack of empathy and humanity that was deliberately kept from all U.S. policies."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at G-Star Raw full-time for more than a year Cons: - Very segregated office - What is work like balance? - Lack of the proper resources needed to succeed at any role. - Leadership uses intimidation tactics to control and place fear on staff. - Tremendous racial undertones in this work place and it comes from the top. - Poor decision making"

Current Employee - Area Manager says

"I have been working at G-Star Raw full-time for more than a year Cons: Horrible structure and upper Management"

Current Employee - Stylist says

"I have been working at G-Star Raw part-time for more than a year Cons: Everything. Pay. Management abuse. A lack of growth. A lack of incentives."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at G-Star Raw full-time for less than a year Cons: So so so disorganized Runs like a start up Little direction but still getting micromanaged You will live in your store and feel suffocated"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"I worked at G-Star Raw full-time for more than 10 years Cons: Hostile work environment No clear company mission No accountably for corporate Discrimination No work life balance Poor market research that results in incorrect inventory for your market and stores in general being placed in areas where they have limited chances to succeed Zero transparency No support Micromanagement"

Former Employee - Store Manager says

"I worked at G-Star Raw full-time for more than a year Cons: -Hard labor with extremely low wages that causes consistent turnover -No work/life balance -Corporate doesn’t value or invests in the people -Corporate is extremely picky when hiring whilst giving very low wages causing current managers to work unpaid overtime -Corporate is unorganized and unprofessional. They belittle staff members & gossip while having little to no knowledge or skill on running a business(es) and blame each other instead of being open to suggestions. -President has no empathy towards staff members. She wants to have full control of everyone & everything but then NEVER follows through, making all your hard work feel meaningless. -Hard work goes unnoticed/ unappreciated -Constant last minute changes -Inconsistent managing -Lacking communication"

Former Employee - Communications Manager says

"I worked at G-Star Raw full-time Cons: It’s a super competitive, hostile and an overall toxic company. Employees live in constant fear of being fired, and management tends to segregate employees to remain in control and micromanage. It's a "boy's club" and there are strong racial undertones which is super unfortunate being that the Dutch are known for their liberalism. Priorities and strategies are often very unclear, and they shift very quickly leading employees to fight amongst each other for ideas and budgets. There is no investment in employees and growth is extremely limited."

Current Employee - Supervisor says

"I have been working at G-Star Raw full-time Cons: No structure at all. No room for growth - it's a franchise not corporate. 1 lady basically runs the company and she has no idea what she's doing nor should she be in retail. I find it hard to believe my SM and ASM have worked in retail before. No corporate structure at all. Management has too much power. No HR team, to visual team. No visual standards. NO CLOTHING ALLOWANCE. And if you quit they will try to withhold your check until you return the clothes they gave to you."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"I worked at G-Star Raw part-time for less than a year Cons: Upper management seems disconnected with employee problems, store is poorly run, employees are treated unfairly based on hours worked or sales achieved, absolutely NO time off even if asked for in advance, disorganized system, and working weekends."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Working here boosted my confidence to an all time high. It made me realize how easy it was to sell product. Cons: being told to watch black customers"

Ateliermedewerker (Former Employee) says

"De werkzaamheden binnen het bedrijf en het aanwezige atelier zijn erg uitdagend en afwisselend."

Staff Member (Former Employee) says

"The poorly managed KPIs keep management from caring about their staff and they foster a culture of sale stealing and toxicity that is by far the worst I've seen in retail. It's a game of favourites and enemies in management. Real work doesn't matter, it matter which managers you can go out and get drunk or high with on the weekends."

Area Manager Outlets US (Current Employee) says

"Terrible in all aspects"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The rules are ridiculous, you are like a slave. You have a few breaks, totally fixed, you can't do a minute longer. You need to ask for permission to go to the toilet! Don't go work in the stores. Also it's a minimum salary. Cons: Slavery, minimum salary"

Lead Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Would not recommend management is biased. Very much about privilege and no sense of culture. Constantly the brand is very unique and universal in support but sadly LA lemmings have come to infiltrate with their selfish motives and desires. Cons: Biased scheduling, toxic work environment, unfair pay"

Designer (Former Employee) says

"Slechte werkomgeving, niet leerzaam. Lijkt net slavernij! Cons: Alles aan G-Star"

Magazijnmedewerker (Former Employee) says

"Heel leuk en gezellig om bij g star te werken. Cons: geen bier"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Es una Compañia que tenia nombre en los 90, pero que actualmente es desconocida y aburrida. Cons: Managers mediocre y burrocratizacion."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management needs to be retrained on how to motivate and be a support system their teams. East Coast district manager was horrible in all aspects, never really supported her management teams within the district and spent 90% of the time on the computer or on the phone."

Vendeur en prêt à porter (Former Employee) says

"Ce fut une expérience dans le prêt-à-porter comme une autre, les objectifs fixés sur mes mois de CDD étaient tout sauf réalisable, l'entreprise n'a pas eu la fréquentation qu'elle attendait pour la période de soldes donc ce fut des mois compliqués commercialement. Cons: Aucun avantage et prime difficilement atteignable, donc rarement des primes"

Management (Former Employee) says

"Organization that lacks the proper management. Unrealistic expectations. The store is not marketed in the right mall i(low traffic) in order to see numbers grow and flourish. Cons: Inconsistency of upper management"

Review (Former Employee) says

"Tell us about:"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Racist company. Disconnected from HQ. Poor leadership and management. No company direction in the US. Someone from Canada runs the US business and has never worked in the US."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked for G-Star Raw for over 3 years and in the time whenever I thought I'd seen it all as far as horrible management, G Star would never fail to top itself. As far as pay and benifits are concerned G Star was fine. I was paid well. But it truly was the first time in my career that even good money wasnt worth it if you hate being at your job. During my time there the company had no type of structure for anyone to follow. The last update they had for their policy and purcedure was was years ago and the entire thing was only 20 pages. The company provided no type of outreach for assocites on the store level to contact HR or payroll if they had any concerns and even discouraged you from contacting them. Their offices are located in NY and during my 3 years there I may have met upper management 4 times when they came for a "visit" that lasted 30 mins. That being said the GM's at least on the west coast literally do anything they want. There is no one to check them and no extenisve Policies about what they can and can't do, or even how to go about things. As a ASM with 17 vacation days it was like pulling teeth to take them since our store was serverly understaff about 70 percent of the time while I was working there. We consistantly had new HR or district managers because they themselves with quit all the time which it self is a horribe sign. And on the store level it would take almost a month to hire associates at nearly minum wage who were suppose to be motavated to sale $300 pairs of jeans.Also there is NO COMMSSION AT ALL. The bonus structure for managers was nearly impossible"

Product development (Former Employee) says

"Ik heb hier zelf jarenlang gewerkt ( ruim 18 jaar! )."

Part-time Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management was absolutely terrible. Was made to work over 50 hours a week at points as a part time because nobody was willing to work with the management there. For the three months I worked there (before I quit because of management) we had over ten different people quit. And that’s not the brands fault, it was purely the manager. Cons: Terrible management"

Teamleider Warehouse (Former Employee) says

"Met de nieuwe manager in het Warehouse en het nieuwe beleid en alle bezuinigingen is het bedrijf er niet leuker op geworden. Na 10 jaar leuk gewerkt te hebben is het in de 4 jaar daarna behoorlijk verpest... erg jammer. Nu heb ik ergens anders een top baan. Cons: Geen doorgroeimogelijkheden, bedrijf is vastgeroest."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"I learned a lot from my time with G Star, but it was not for me and not for a lot of people who are used to structured retail."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The job does not care about you! In all honesty, they will replace you're a** in a heartbeat. If you don't make the sale goal, they will terminate you on the spot. no question ask. F a 2 weeks notice. Cons: REALLY Slow, I'm talking about super slow, no way to be promoted, Your going to be standing on feet for 8 hours straight"

Mr Taylor says

"Clothing has become so uncomfortable due to the new materials they have been using in 2021. I have had to send back 90% of my online purchases due to clothing being very uncomfortable and sized very different from past G-Star clothing I have loved. "

Bobby Samba says

"Please do not shop with this company it…

Please do not shop with this company it is big scammer, place an order the 20th January till today no response no update

Big fraudsters"

Mhairi says

"I have been trying to contact G STAR RAW via several ways including email, telephone, whats app and twitter with NO RESPONSE. My order is saying shipped and had been reviewed by carrier then I check the next day ad the information has changed saying not yet tracked and traced and awaiting to be received by carrier. My number is 2700012593. I will not be using this company again and if I am not refunded my money I will be contacting trading and standards as I have kept the whats app messages, emails and twitter feed and call logs. Absolutely shocking from G STAR RAW 😡"

James Schaivi says

"For the second time in a month I am having to post information about the shockingly poor service from G-Star.
My second order on January 14th has still not arrived. I have also been lied to about dispatch. G-star claim my order has been sent, but DPD have not received it. This is after a month. What makes it worse is they will not communicate information when requested.
I'm very disappointed as G-star have usually been very prompt and considerate about notifications in the past, but after my experience this year, I will not be using them anymore. There are plenty of good, honest and considerate mens clothing companies who have respect for their customers."

Terry King says

"Well not received my order and after reading reviews im not expecting it. So deleted app and taken lose of £30 which isnt to bad we all live and learn. No point in trying to contact them either sounds a waste of time."

Colin J Ross says

"Sort this shambles out G Star!! Placed an order 2 weeks ago, they took my money 2 weeks ago, I’ve heard nothing since and they don’t answer any of the forms of communication shown on the website. I realise times are tough. Global pandemic, brexit etc but come on someone from the customer service team could send me an email telling me what’s happening. It wouldn’t take much effort. Generic copy paste emails are pointless and no good to anyone. My order number is 2700012876 and I would like a refund immediately please but I won’t hold my breath. I will give it another few days and then instigate the recovery process through my credit card. Bit of a shambles and it pains me to say avoid. Ps I Love your clothing and have supported your brand for many years now but your disorganisation is alienating the people that fund your business. Sort it out G Star. I expect my refund by Mon 15 the at the latest. Mr Ross"

Karen Owens says

"DO NOT ORDER WITH THIS COMPANY COMPLETELE SHAMBLES!! have now emailed them 4 times not had an answer the last email was for a refund. My order number is 2700013047. My order has still not been shipped when I called last week I was told to wait 10 days this is now 13 days and still nothing has changed. Absolute disgrace of a company!!! Wasting everyday trying to get through and no answer or get cut off!!!"

A Greenlaw says

"Like so many other comments on lost orders from Gstar.
They support no response what so ever, Paid for the items and this was for a pair of jeans. £105 pounds to be exact. Its nice to know that in this day and age if you were scammed for fraud by any other means you can understand this but G-star have done the same but taken money and no goods supported.. I WILL not purchase another product from these incompetents, again, however good they look.
My advice is to stay clear as this example has taken my time, money and still lost money."

David White says

"Left a comment 26 January for an order in November.

Still no response and no refund. No one got in touch with me despite the message below. Would avoid ordering.
Dear David,

We are sorry to read about your issues.

We lately experienced several issues related to the pandemic, overload on carrier networks due to lockdowns, etc, that all our communication channels are in delay in providing support to our customers.

We totally understand our customers' discontent with such a situation, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

We are really doing our best to normalize the situation and return to our usual service standards.

Regarding your order issue, we have now requested one of our customer service agents to get in contact with you to solve it as soon as possible.

We are confident they will find the best solution possible.

G-Star Online Customer Service"

Cherry says

"Ordered a pair of jeans back in December 2020.
When I try to track the order all I see is: "We have received your order details but have not yet received your parcel." There was NO UPDATE FOR OVER A MONTH NOW. When getting in touch with the company just getting the same automated email response telling me I should use my order number to track my order :S So obviously noone is reading the e-mails...There is no follow up explanation at all...
Can someone from the company please explain what is going on because it looks like many people share the same experience?"

SCOTT says

"I've been a loyal customer with G Star for a number of years and I think that is going to change by the lack of contact I've had from them.
I bought a pair of jeans order number 2700008320 on January the 19th and haven't received them yet.
I've tried contacting them lots of times and only get cut and paste replies.
When I got my delivery number, it said the jeans were with DPD but I've contacted DPD and they told me they haven't received them yet. Looked further into this and the jeans are still in G Stars warehouse.
Looked at the reviews and G Star seem to be blaming brexit and DPD but I've ordered other things from Europe using DPD and they've got to me with no problem at all.
So I'd like a full refund G Star and I expect that! I don't want no automated reply, I'd like a reply from a human please!

Pat Ma says

"I’m was very happy to have my order delivered very quickly to Hk. However, I have to return my order from HK as the size isn’t fit. DHL requested 2 labels to be put on the box, there’s a label missing and I had been asking through email with no reply, or ask me to refer to Q&A, which is not helpful at all.

And there’s no HK OFFICE hotline nor any shops phone numbers are working.

Please reply and get back to me.
My order number is 8103401499."

Kiren Panesar says

"I have been trying to contact G star for over a week I have only had part of my delivery and I need to arrange a return. They did not include a returns label and customer services seem to be off as no one is picking up the calls or answering any emails. Be prepared to wait or even lose your money if G Star don’t respond to you.

Thank you for your response, it’s quicker than your customer service. But I have ordered directly with you and not through any third party websites."

Esa Tielinen says

"Great products. Normally OK service. But when something goes wrong they just cannot be reached. E-mails whatever, they just ignore you. Sad, really sad."

Dave N says

"I can accept delays in current circumstances but I can't accept lack of communication, no updates in 2 weeks, I'll give it a month then expect a full refund. Something has gone very wrong with fulfilment process. If there are extra delays at least email your loyal customers or risk losing them!"

Laura says

"3 weeks since the product was returned to the Gstarraw warehouse, haven't received an update or email response, no refund and no response from twitter support. Won't be ordering again."

Sharon Roberts says

"Order number 2700013328 ordered Thursday 28th January...DPD tracking email on January 29th..We have received your order details but have not yet received your parcel. Still no parcel or update on the DPD app 6th February Keep getting the same automated email response from G-Star RAW with no follow up explaining what’s happening. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE STOCK, YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE TAKEN MY MONEY. If I do not get a reply today explaining what’s going on I will be contacting THIS MORNINGS Alison Beer, as this is not acceptable. The emails are just giving the same answer when I have been checking all week the tracking on the DPD website. WHATS GOING ON?"

Beasy Jaro says

"ORDER NO: 2700008379 REFUND


I’ve been trying to call your helpline and I’ve been on hold for nearly 45 minutes with no answer. I contacted DPD and they said they have not received the order from G star.

I made the order above on the 19/01/2021 and I still have not received it. The DPD tracking has not updated either. Therefore, I would like an immediate refund please as this has taken too long and can’t wait for this jacket any longer.


I hope to get a swift response soon.


Patryk Jarosz says

"I absolutely do not recommend it, no contact, no money, no product"

Lukáš Kadlec says

"25.1.2021 the order 8103384968 has not been handed over to the shipping company DHL!!!!!
27.1.2021 the order 8103394622 10 days and still undelivered!!!!!!
5.1.2021 the order 8103259727 30 days and undelivered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am from the Czech Republic!!!!!!!!!!"

Baher Habashi says

"Thank you G star customer service for finding my order and thank you for responding and giving me more information."

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